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Orpinela Residence
G-Rated home tour 2004

Sunset, march 2007
Oregon Home Green Living, 2005
The Oregonian H & G, jan 2005

An organic, modern home on a wooded sloping site near Mt. Scott for a chemically sensitive client. The building nestles into the existing trees providing habitation and exterior decks while preserving the local ecosystem. There were several crucial aspects that had to be considered before design could even start. Due to the client’s chemical sensitivity, all specified building materials and finishes had to be vetted prior to their use on site. Incremental and controlled exposure of the client to different materials and finishes led to the compilation of a 'safe list' that could be used in the new building. Locating the structure was also crucial on the heavily wooded site. A detailed tree survey prior to construction located the ideal clearing and set the boundary and shape of the building and decks. The only trees removed were ones that an arborist deemed to be diseased. All 33 of the individual concrete pier footing were hand dug to ensure that no tree roots were damaged and no erosion occurred during construction.

Key environmental features include the following:
Minimal site impact during construction. Formaldehyde free building materials including insulation, kitchen cabinets and built-ins. Arsenic and chromium free pressure treatment of exterior wood and the use of recycled composite decking for all exterior decks. Low or no VOC nontoxic paints and finishes. High efficiency appliances coupled with a hydronic radiant floor heating system. To top it off, an extensive eco-roof replaces the eco system lost by the buildings footprint as well as blending the building’s volume into the forested site.

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